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Holiday Gift Exchange / Secret Santa Questionnaire


This quick form lets others know some of your preferences. You get a better gift, and they are less stressed as they have some ideas on what to get you for this holiday’s gift exchange.

These non-secular cards are great for friends or office parties.

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About this item

Quickly help others find the gifts for this holiday’s gift exchange.

Tired of getting gifts you don’t want? Help others know what you want during your holiday gift exchange. This set of 25 gift exchange ideas is prefect for this season’s holiday gift-giving.

WHAT YOU’RE BUYING: A 5 x 7 inch notepad, using heavy 28# Bond Paper, with 25 sheets.

WHO CAN USE THESE? Useful for any gift exchange event. These are non-secular and are perfect for home, office, friends, or family.

To use, simply tear off a sheet, and complete the simple questionnaire.  This helps others find you a better gift instead of just guessing.

Perfect-sized notepads that are designed and made in the USA.

This notepad has 25 preprinted sheets made of heavy 28# bond paper stock that are easy to complete to quickly convey your preferences. Plus, it’s designed and made in the USA


  • Item Dimensions: 5″x7″
  • Number of sheets: 25
  • Material: 28# bond paper
  • UPC: 197644565542

Note: There may be a slight difference in actual color, due to the colors of the display.

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